Syrian government does not believe in negotiation, PYD leader
The Syrian government does not believe in negotiation and the overlapping interests of the forces affecting the Syrian situation impede the political solution of the Syrian crisis, said Salih Muslim, member of presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), on Sunday.

“Any hope of bringing Syria back to the era before 2011 is not possible, and the Syrian government has no choice but to participate in the political decision. This is possible through the projects presented by the Democratic Autonomous Administration,” Muslim told North Press.
“This includes changing the constitution, the administration and the personalities,” he added.
Muslim believes that the overlapping interests of the influential countries in the Syrian crisis impede, to some extent, its solution, and that the political decision is not the decision of the Syrian government, but is linked to the countries that influence it, such as the Russians, Iran and other powers.
Muslim pointed out that the opposition, Western countries and the European Union have abandoned the issue of overthrowing the regime, but they want to change it so that democracy can be achieved through it.
Muslim pointed out that the Syrians are able to find a solution to the crisis, but it is out of reach at this time, but in the future the government has no choice but to share the political decision with the all Syrian people.
Muslim ruled out that the military solution would lead to achieving any results in resolving the crisis.
He pointed out that a military clash is only possible in one case, which is against the jihadist factions that receive their support from Turkey and other forces that control parts of the Syrian territory. 
The PYD official stressed the need to keep Turkey away from the Syrian solution, as it has ambitions in Syria, and it is the only party that has stood in the way of the solution since the issuance of UN Resolution 2254.
Regarding the obstacles that prevent reaching understandings between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government, Muslim said: “We believe that if the Syrian regime abandons the mentality of exclusivity of power and the practice of tyranny over all communities of the Syrian people, the solution will be possible.”
Muslim pointed out that what is happening in northeastern Syria represents the essence of the” Syrian revolution”, which demanded freedom, democracy and the people’s participation in the political decision.
He noted to the difficulty of the solution in light of the external powers that support the Ba’ath Party, as the ruling party isn’t abandoning the mentality of exclusivity in governance.
Regarding the complexities of the Syrian issue due to the regional and international interventions, Muslim said: “I think that the international powers did not interfere in Syria after the Syrian crisis, but were rather involved in planning.”
“Their organized forces were present on the ground, as an example: the Muslim Brotherhood was part of the Damascus Declaration in 2005, so they were ready to attack the Syrian revolution,” he said.
Muslim summed up the solution to the Syrian crisis saying that all foreign parties stop dictating their interests to the forces on the ground, and leave matters to the Syrians because they alone are able to find a solution through broad dialogue, in which all Syrians participate as part of the solution.
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