Erbil has reached an agreement with Baghdad on deficit law and talks are ongoing: spokesman
A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that during recent talks with Iraqi central government, an agreement had been reached on a government budget deficit law, and that negotiations were still ongoing between Baghdad and Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region.

Jotiar Adil, the official spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, told Anadolu News Agency that the regional government reached an agreement with Baghdad officials on the Iraqi government's deficit law and discussed its implementation.

He stressed that the regional government is ready to accept Baghdad terms and is ready to hand over 250,000 barrels of oil per day or oil revenues to the Iraqi National Oil Company and 50% of border and domestic revenues to the central government.

The spokesman also noted that a delegation from the Kurdistan Region has been sent to Baghdad only for the issue of Iraq's budget and the region's share of the budget, and that the budget law has been approved by the Iraqi cabinet.

Adil stressed that the 50-year Kurdistan Region oil agreement with Turkey does not create any obstacles to the Erbil-Baghdad agreement, and that the agreement was only for the transfer of the region's oil through Turkish territory to world markets, and that the oil of the Kurdish autonomous region was not pre-sold through the 50-year agreement with Ankara.

It should be noted that the Iraqi parliament on Thursday, December 24, approved the government deficit law for a loan with a majority of votes, in which the Iraqi government will send 3 billion dinars a month to the Kurdistan Region, regardless of the Erbil-Baghdad agreement. The payment of any budget to the region is subject to the delivery of oil and the region's revenues to Baghdad.

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