Resorting to independent MPs reflects lack of will to form government: PUK leading official
One of the prominent leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) called the appeal to the independent representatives a lack of will to resolve the political stalemate and the formation of an Iraqi government.

"The only option to get out of the current political stalemate in Iraq is to sit at the negotiating table to reach an understanding and get closer to each other seriously and prevent from political conspiracy and deception," Ghias Sorchi told Iraqi radio station Al-Murbad.

Sorchi said that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan supports the initiative of the Coordination Framework, which he said is in line with the reality of Iraq, adding: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and even ordinary citizens believe that the formation of a government without agreement and consensus between political forces is not possible, so everyone is obliged to hurry to form an agreed government."

The leader of the Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on independent members of parliament on Wednesday to form a new coalition of at least 40 members apart from the Coordination Framework and for this bloc to contact the Saving the Homeland alliance in less than 15 days to form the new government as soon as possible.

Sadr said on May 4 that the Coordination Framework has failed to form a national majority government.

He stated the Sadrist Movement would not take part in any of the ministries.

Sadr asked some of the components of the Coordination Framework, without specifying which, to become allies with the Sadrist fraction to end the political deadlock in Baghdad.

The Coordination Framework proposed a new initiative on Monday calling on political parties to engage in "unconditional dialogue” to end the deadlock of forming the new Iraqi Government.

Sadr announced in March he would give 40 days for the Coordination Framework to discuss and come to an agreement with other parties (aside from the Sadrist bloc) in Iraq’s parliament on forming a new government.

The 40-day deadline will expire in one week.

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