Kar Company is occupying Kirkuk oil fields in cooperation with Kurdistan Region military forces- media
A Kurdistan Region media outlet reported that the Kar Oil Company has taken control of part of the Kirkuk oil fields with the help and support of the Kurdistan Regional Government's military forces.

According Awine news website the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Region have taken control of two oil fields in Kirkuk and that the oil company belongs to Sheikh Baz, who is close to the regional government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). After this move, the Peshmerga forces have sent their technical forces to the area and started working in these oil fields with the support of the forces of the regional government.

It was also announced that the oil wells of Bai Hassan fields have been taken over by the company in order to drill oil from these wells.

It should be noted that in recent days, the Northern Oil Company, affiliated to the Iraqi central government, has taken action to file a complaint against the KRG and has accused the KRG of seizing Bai Hassan and Dawood oil fields in Kirkuk using military force.

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