Ilham Ahmed warns Turkey is seeking the annihilation of all Kurds
A Syrian Kurdish leading official Ilham Ahmed said the aim of Turkey attacks on Kurdistan Region is to destroy all Kurds and occupy Kurdish regions.

Ahmed, chairman of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, said the aim of Turkey's recent attacks on Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria was occupation.
"The Turkish government is attacking the north and east of Syria under the pretext of 'fighting terrorism,' but its main goal is to occupy these areas." Elham Ahmed said at a meeting in the city of Sulaimani attended by intellectuals, writers and political and social activists, according to Rojnews.
"Erdogan and his party, which have lost popularity and will lose the next election, will fight for survival," she went on to say.
Ms. Ahmed stressed the need for solidarity between the Kurds and all Kurdish parties in the face of Turkish attacks, stating that Turkey targets all Kurds and that there are no "good and bad Kurds" for it.
"The living conditions in Afrin are very bad. In Afrin, people are experiencing kidnappings, murders, arrests, beatings and looting. This is a really serious issue. More reports about Kurds are about the Kurds out of Syria. If there would be more information about Afrin, it could help change this situation," the official underscored.
"We want to change this situation. The economic situation of the people of Afrin is not good; Syrian Kurdistan is always at war." The head of the executive committee of the Syrian Democratic Council also said.

Commenting on the recent attacks by the Turkish government on Iraqi Kurdistan, she added: "Turkey intends to evacuate Kurdish areas with these attacks. Fighting the PKK is an excuse. They kill all the Kurds. If they kill all the members of the PKK, it will be the turn of Erbil and Sulaimani and they will be destroyed. The goal is all Kurdish people."

"The people of Iraqi Kurdistan must demand their rights and show their position in the international community," he said.
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