PUK, Coordination Framework hold meeting on deadlock in Baghdad
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Coordination Framework met on Tuesday, June 7, and agreed to continue their joint efforts to end the political deadlock in Iraq.

According to NRT a source said on the condition of anonymity that the PUK assured the Coordination Framework the party’s recent meetings and possible signs of rapprochement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) would not affect the PUK’s relationship with the Coordination Framework.
The PUK has also said it would not break its relationship with the Coordination Framework if the party comes to an agreement with the KDP over a nominee for the post of President of Iraq.
The Coordination Framework, one of the two largest Shia blocs in the Iraqi parliament, is a coalition of Shia parties composed of the Fatah Alliance, the State of Law Coalition, the Hikma Party, the Nasr Alliance.
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