Bafel Talabani meets top Iraqi leaders in Baghdad
The President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Bafel Talabani met the top leaders of the Shiite coordination framework, al-Azm alliance as well as Babylon movement at former Iraq’s president (Jalal Talabani) palace in Baghdad on Monday. 

In a statement released by Talabani’s media office, PUK’s president has received top leaders from the coordination framework including Nour al-Maliki, Qais Khaz ali, and Hadi al-Amri along with a delegation from the al-Azim alliance led by Muthna al-Samari, and Babylon movement representative in Baghdad.

The meeting aimed to discuss the latest steps toward the formation of the new Iraqi government and attempts to unify efforts. All sides stressed the formation of a strong cabinet that can be able to overcome all challenges and obstacles, according to the statement.

The statement continued, “All attempts must be accelerated to establish national and service government that works for building a stable future” and, “preserving the Kurdistan Region’s lawful and constitutional rights were emphasized as well”.

Iraq held its last parliamentary elections in October 2021, However, political disagreements among parties have hindered the parliament from electing a president and forming a government, and electing a new president. Almost nine months have passed since the last general election, Iraq is trapped inside deep political impasses.

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