Missile attacks on Khor Mor gas field carried out from inside Kurdistan Region- committee
The joint committee of the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Iraqi Army concluded its investigation on the three recent rocket attacks on Khor Mor gas field near Qadir Karam area.

According Nas News, the results of the joint investigation published in the Kurdish media show that the missile attacks on the Khor Mor gas field were carried out from inside the territory of the Kurdistan Region, behind the concentration area of ​​the 16th Brigade of the Peshmerga forces.
The text of the research results is as follows:
- According to the analysis of the holes created by the recent attacks, it has been determined that all the missiles fired at Khor Mor were from the same direction, that is, from east to west.
- The closest point to the fall of the rockets is 29 to 30 kilometers from the federal government forces, and the security distance between the federal forces and the Peshmerga forces to the Hadag gas field is about 9 to 10 kilometers.
- Kormor is surrounded by three security departments, the first and second departments are private security companies and the third department is under the responsibility of Peshmerga forces.
It should be mentioned that Khor Mor is the largest gas field under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which supplies gas to power plants as well as the gas needs for homes and restaurants.
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