Biden victory strengthens position of Kurds and northeastern Syria- institute
The election of Joe Biden as US President could improve the situation of the Kurds and northeastern Syria, the Washington Institute wrote, referring to Syrian Kurdish officials' satisfaction with Biden's victory as the new US president.

Kurdish officials, especially in Iraq and Syria, have expressed satisfaction with the election of Joe Biden as the US President and the defeat of Donald Trump.
The Washington Institute in the United States, referring to the messages of the Syrian Kurdish leaders regarding the election of Joe Biden as the new US President and wrote that "the satisfaction of Syrian Kurdish leaders and northern Syria officials over the election of Joe Biden shows that they are dissatisfied with current US President Donald Trump and consider the US Envoy to Syria affairs, James Jeffrey,  as a Turkey agent."
The institute further notes that the Syrian Kurds believe Joe Biden will prevent Turkish military action against the Kurds.
The Washington Institute wrote in a report on the reactions in Syria to the election of Joe Biden: "The election of Joe Biden will improve the position of the Kurds in negotiations with the central governments of Syria and Russia." The American institute considers it necessary for Joe Biden's government to support Kurds to fulfill his statements during the US elections in support of the Kurdish-Arab forces in Syria. The report highlights the most important demands of Syrian Kurds from Joe Biden's government is to help the Kurds enter the Syrian peace talks and involve them in drafting a new constitution."
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