Iraq Foreign ministry says Turkish embassy in Baghdad closed
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, July 21, the Turkish embassy in Baghdad is currently closed and the ministry has demanded the ambassador return to Turkey following the shelling that struck a tourist resort on Wednesday.

The ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed al-Sahhaf, told the semi-official Iraqi News Agency (INA) that the Turkish recent attack in Iraqi territory violated an agreement between the two countries.
The attack killed nine civilians and wounded more than 20 people, causing outrage and protests across Iraq, especially outside the Turkish embassy in Baghdad and the consulate in Basra.
The agreement, which was made under the previous Iraqi regime, allows Turkey to conduct military operations only five kilometers into Iraq’s territory, while the attack on Wednesday was conducted much further past the border and targeted civilians.
Sahhaf said the ministry has called the UN’s Security Council for an urgent meeting on the attack.
Turkey has denied responsibility for the attack and claimed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was spreading disinformation.
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