Turkey establishes new military base in Kurdistan Region
In continuation of the Turkish military activities in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Turkish forces on Sunday established a new military base in the area.

The new Turkish base is located in the Amedi district in the north of Dohuk province.
News sources also on Sunday reported that a Turkish military base located on the borders of Iraq and Turkey was targeted with several drones.
Iraqi authorities consider the Turkish military presence in Iraq as a violation of their country's territorial integrity and have even lodged a complaint to the UN for a recent deadly shelling of a resort area in Zakho in Duhok province, which they blame Turkey for.
Meanwhile Turkish military forces started a new military operation in Bitlis in Kurdiish region of the country in the southeast.
The siege operation of Eren 24 started by the Ministry of Interior of Turkey with the participation of 483 military forces in the Kurdish province of Bitlis.
The statement published by Turkey Ministry of Interior said that a new operation to fight the forces of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has begun in the rural areas of Salija and Anadre in Taban area in Bitlis.
The Ministry of Interior claimed: "The siege operation of Eren, which is carried out to completely eliminate terrorism in the country, continues successfully with the support of the people, honestly and decisively."
According to this statement, 483 military forces are participating in this operation in the form of 43 teams.
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