Former MP alleges KDP and PUK resort to election manipulation
Hoshyar Abdullah, a former MP in the Iraqi parliament, alleged the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democrat Party (KDP) resort to election manipulation and fraud because they have lost public trust and the faith of their own party members.

Abdulla said he believed the Kurdistan Region’s two ruling parties were afraid of holding elections because they knew voters would not cast their ballots for them.
"The two parties have committed fraud in every election,” he alleged.
The former MP believes the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court could play a role as mediator between the two parties in authority and the opposition parties to extend the parliament term and set an election date.
This is because all the governmental institutions in the Kurdistan Region have received legitimacy from the Iraqi 2005 constitution, he added.
According to NRT Abdulla called on the Kurdish opposition parties to file complaints in the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court against the PUK, KDP, as well as against the Kurdistan Regional Government, and Kurdistan parliament for delaying the elections.
The polls were originally set to be held in October 2022 but observers and officials have stated there is not enough time to set up the electoral commission and prepare for elections.
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