US sends 100 shipments of equipment to its bases in Syria
In the last 24 hours, two US army convoys transferred more than 100 weapons and logistics shipments from Iraq to US bases in Syria.

A convoy of 50 trucks carrying cement blocks and prefabricated walls, guard rooms, and Panzer military vehicles has entered Syria by passing through the illegal Al Waleed border crossing, Mehr News Agency reported.

This convoy first moved towards the city of Al-Hasaka and from there it went to the US military base in the vicinity of the Al-Omar oil field in the south of Al-Hasaka.

The second convoy of 50 trucks carrying military equipment and armored vehicles crossed the Iraqi border and entered the Tell Beydar base in the north of al-Hasaka.

Earlier this month, the US Army transferred new military equipment, including armored vehicles, from Syria to its bases in Iraq.

Local sources in northeastern Syria on September 6th reported the transfer of new US military equipment to Iraq.

The equipment, which included 20 armored vehicles, entered northern Iraq through the Al Waleed border crossing in Syria's Al-Hasaka province. The governments of Baghdad and Damascus consider border crossing illegal.

The US entered Syria in September 2014 under the pretext of fighting ISIS terrorists, and until now, it continues its illegal presence in this country without having a specific role in destroying the terrorist group.

Damascus has repeatedly called the United States an occupier in letters to the United Nations and the Security Council and protested against the violation of its territorial integrity.

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