Former US official says Turkey cannot annihilate Syrian Kurdish forces
James Jeffrey, the former US special representative for Syrian affairs, emphasized that Turkey cannot destroy either the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) or the Syrian Kurdish forces through military operations.

During last week, the Turkish government carried out air strikes in the areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds under the pretext of the security threats of the Syrian Kurdish forces to Ankara. These operations have caused concern to the American authorities due to the fact that they also threatened American bases.

But two former US government officials warned that Turkey's military operations will only affect the fight against ISIS and will lead to the risk of strengthening this terrorist group because the Syrian Kurdish forces may be diverted from their duty to fight against ISIS in order to repel Turkish attacks.

James Jeffrey, the US special representative for Syria during Donald Trump presidency, underestimated the impact of Turkey's military operations on the Kurdish forces and even the PKK. He told Al-Monitor that these attacks cannot completely destroy the Syrian Kurdish forces and even the PKK.

He warned that Turkey's ground attack on the areas controlled by the Syrian Kurds will increase the tension between the United States and Turkey.

Mick Mulroy, a former senior official at the US Department of Defense, warned that Turkey's possible attack on the Syrian Kurds would affect the war against ISIS and endanger the lives of US troops.

He emphasized that Turkey's excuses for attacking the Syrian Kurds and that the Kurdish forces were behind the last week's explosion in Istanbul were false.

This former official emphasized that Turkey has not provided any solid and sufficient evidence to prove the involvement of Syrian Kurds in this explosion.

Pointing out that the Syrian Kurdish forces and the American military have extensive cooperation, Malroy said: It is surprising that Turkey makes such a claim about our ally, while we do not know anything about their involvement in this explosion.

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