A Washington, Moscow and Ankara deal is main reason behind Turkey bombing of Syrian Kurds: expert
Seth Frantzman believes the recent bombings of the Syrian Kurds by Turkey are the result of a deal between the US, Russia and Turkey.

The recent opposition of Russia, the United States and some other countries to Turkey's expansionism in Syria may have prevented ground operations against the Syrian Kurds, but it has not been able to stop the aerial bombardment against the areas controlled by the Kurds in the north and northeast of Syria.

Seth Frantzman, an expert on Middle East issues, in a note published in the Middle East Forum, believes that the continued aerial bombardment of Syrian Kurds is the result of clashes between Turkey, America and Russia due to their complex interactions in Syria and outside of the war-torn country.

He explained that Turkey tells America that as a NATO ally of the country, it plays a positive role in the war in Ukraine, therefore, America does not object much to Turkish air operations.

On the other hand, Turkey and Russia need each other in the Syrian issues, so Russia does not create a serious obstacle to Turkey's air operations. America plays a small role in Syria, and the skies of the areas that Turkey bombed are no longer in the hands of the United States, but in the hands of Syria and Russia.

He believes that the Kurds and other minorities in eastern Syria are being bombed so that Russia, Turkey and the United States can make deals with each other on a macro level.

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