PUK senior member resigns from all party positions
Mahmoud Sangawi, a senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), announced that he had resigned from all party positions. According to the Awine news site, Mahmoud Sangawi announced during a press conference that he had resigned from all party positions in the PUK.

The senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan added that he had no problems or differences with the party,  has maintained his dignity and is now solely responsible for the party's Peshmerga forces.
He also said that the recent rocket attack on Erbil is a terrorist attack on all Kurds and should not be seen as just an attack on a particular party, neither the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) nor the PUK.
He described the state of relations between the PUK and the KDP as well, saying that the PUK responds to attacks wherever there is an attack in the Kurdistan region where the party has the authority to do so.
Regarding the arrest of five activists from the Badinan region of the Kurdistan Region, who have been sentenced to six years in prison, he expressed hope that the judges would issue a verdict based on their conscience.
About Erbil-Baghdad relations and the talks between the two sides, Sangawi expressed pesimisem and said an agreement between the region and the Iraqi government seems unlikely.
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