ENKS has no will of its own, representative tells Kurdpress
A representative of the Democratic Syrian Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region stated the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) has no will at its own and the Kurdish-Kurdish talks have been stalled.

Hoshang Darwish, a member of the Democratic Syrian Assembly in the Kurdistan Region, said: "The Kurdish-Kurdish talks have stopped for now. After the first and second rounds of the talks, which were successful, the talks have now stalled due to disagreements and harsh comments from ENKS officials.

He continued: "Currently, the US representative to the negotiations is in talks with the two sides to return to the meetings, and also Mazloum Kobani (SDF Commander) called on both sides to resume the talks."

He added: "As the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK), we are ready for negotiations without preconditions, but the ENKS has no political will and due to its presence in the Brotherhood-Turkish coalition, affiliated to the Syrian opposition, it cannot decide on the Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations."

The representative of the Democratic Syrian Assembly in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq went on to add: "The ENKS officials blame the PYNK in their statements, but this is not true and the ENKS is under the influence of the other groups and the Americans know this fact."

Hoshang Darwish noted: "It is important that we, as PYNK, believe in dialogue and are ready for any negotiations for the future of our people in Syrian Kurdistan, and that the ENKS must return to the negotiating table if it requests so."

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