Masrour Barzani says illegal forces must immediately leave Kurdistan Region borders
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region blamed Wednesday night rocket attack on the Erbil airport and stated that the purpose of the missile attack was to disrupt the security of the region.

Masrour Barzani in a message condemned the terrorist attack on the Erbil airport and the Turkish military base in Ba'ashiqa, Iraq, and stressed that the purpose of these attacks is very clear and they are seeking to disrupt the stability and security of the region and disrupt the cooperation between of the region with the anti-ISIS global coalition.

"Any armed group that is not within the framework of the official Iraqi security forces must immediately move away from the borders of the Kurdistan Region, and in the coming days I will discuss the issue with my partners in Iraq and the international community," Barzani stressed in the statement.

According to Kurdistan 24 the Kurdish PM said he had talked to the speaker of Iraqi parliament and the Iraqi PM and stressed the need to coordinate common goals and deal with these illegal groups.

Barzani assured the people of the region that the terrorist elements involved in the attack will pay the price.

It should be noted that on Wednesday, April 14, the base of the Global Anti-ISIL Coalition was targeted by a missile at Erbil Airport.

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