US is serious about mediating between Syrian Kurds: KDP.S official
A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP.S) stated that the United States wants the Syrian Kurdish parties to reach an agreement with each other in order to secure their interests, so the Kurds need to use this opportunity to advance their strategy in Syria.

Rizan Nasan, a member of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP.S) and also the head of the Euphrates Regional Culture Department, told KurdPress that the US mediation for the unity of Kurdish parties in Syrian Kurdistan has been going on for a long time and the Us Representative for the talks, Michael Robben, has attended the talks.
"The Kurds are holding meetings with the Kurdish leaders of Iraq and Syria. Although no information about these meetings are leaked to the media, the American side is active in this regard," the official added.
Mr. Nasan continued: "The US determination regarding the agreement between the Kurdish parties in Syria is serious and there is hope that the Kurdish movements will reach an agreement."
He added that both Aldar Khalil, head of the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) delegation, and General Mazlum Kobani, commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, had stated that they were ready for talks and that the parties needed to reach an agreement.
Rizan Nasan stated: The United States seeks an agreement between the Kurdish parties in Syria to secure its interests, and the Kurds need to take this opportunity to advance their national strategy in Syria.
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