Turkey seeking to occupy Kurdistan region: party leader
Turkey wants to destroy the political achievements of the Kurdistan Region step by step under the pretext of fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) through successive attacks on the Kurdish region in the north of Iraq, Hikmet Serbilind, the President General of the Kurdistan Islamic Party ( PÎK or Partiya Îslamiya Kurdistan), said in response to a KurdPress question about the Turkish army's intention to attack the headquarters of the (PKK) in the mountainous region of the Iraqi Kurdistan.

"The Turkish government tries to improve its position by attacking, killing and massacring the Kurds whenever there is a crisis and political legitimacy at home. By bombing and destroying Kurdish homes and villages, Turkey wants to have the support of Turkish racist public opinion inside the country," Mr. Serbilind said about Turkey intention in attacking the PKK bases in Kurdistan Region.
He continued: "The Turkish government, especially the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Turkish Nationalist Party (MHP), are hostile to the Kurds in order to legitimize themselves inside Turkey."
The President General of the PîK further told KurdPress that Turkey wants to gradually destroy the political achievements of the Kurdish region under the pretext of fighting the PKK, adding that "Turkey seeks to seize and destroy the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government. These attacks are not only under the pretext of fighting PKK guerrillas, but also to target Kurdish gains in all areas, and Turkey is seeking development by the movements.
The party leader noted: "This policy of Turkey is an obvious issue and it is not only related to enmity with the Kurdistan Region or Turkish Kurdistan, but also Turkey's actions in Syrian Kurdistan and the occupation of many parts of northern Syria proves the reslity."
Hikmet Serbilind pointed out: "Turkey lives a very difficult and unstable economic situation   and the opposition is increasing every day. It is in this situation that the Turkish government takes such military measures to silence the voice of the political opposition and the dissidents and it attacks the Kurds.
He added: "[days ago] another blow hit the Turkish government and US President Joe Biden officially acknowledged the Armenian genocide, thus tightening the political siege of the Turkish government, thus tightening the political siege of the Turkish government, which will put it in a severe political dilemma in the world community in the future and that is why Turkey is trying to compensate by suppressing and destroying the Kurdish political achievements in Iraq and Syria. "
The PÎK president general underscored that Turkey does not want the Kurds to get united and said the only way Turkey has left for Kurds is fihhting. This war that Turkey has waged in (Matina, Avashin and Zab) is not just a war against the PKK, but it targets ordinary people and villages and destroys people's lives.
Hikmet Serbilind continued: "Turkey is not fighting alone in these areas, but has sent its criminals to these areas, as it sent them to Libya and the Caucasus. At home, Erdogan is facing serious political crises and he and his son-in-law are accused of lidding the case of the lost 128 billion dollars. They want to say that they have spent the money in fighting against terrorism."
"Erdogan wants to legitimize the issue that he is fighting terrorism and calling those who oppose him and his policies traitors in order to hide the truth about the current situation in Turkey," he also said.
Regarding the role of Kurdish parties in Erdogan's policies, Hikmet Serbilind stressed: "It is necessary for Kurdish parties to unite in the face of Erdogan's policies, not to remain silent in the face of Erdogan's actions, and to show Turkey's black policy to everyone in international forums."
"As the Islamic Party of Kurdistan, we condemn these actions of Turkey and we are with the Kurdish children and we ask all Kurds not to be indifferent to these actions," he concluded.
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