Joe Biden must mediate in peace process between Kurds and Turkey
The Levy think tank has suggested that if the US president considers himself a supporter of the Kurds, he should help reconcile the Kurds with the Turkish government.

"Joe Biden has a long relationship with Kurdish communities in the Middle East, so he is expected to give a lot of support to Kurds, unlike other US presidents," Levy, a political think tank in Australia, wrote about new US President Joe Biden's stance on the Kurds in the Middle East.
The think tank believes that Joe Biden, who has criticized the Turkish government for human rights abuses, should also pay attention to the situation of the Kurds in the country, because Turkey Kurds are under a lot of pressure from Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government due to their important role as opposition in Turkey, and many trials have been held in Turkey to condemn Kurdish political activists and the Kurdish People's Democratic Party (HDP).
The think tank advised Biden to start supporting the Kurds by mediating in another peace process in Turkey and to try to revive the peace process between the Kurds and the Turkish government.
The Levy think tank also predicts that Joe Biden's mediation in the Kurdish issue in Turkey, which is a very sensitive issue for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, could lead to further tensions between Turkey and the United States.
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