PUK, Gorran are aligned on most issues: Assasard
Secretary of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) General Leadership Council Farid Asasard said on Monday, May 24, that his party and the Change Movement (Gorran) are closely aligned on most issues, having originated from the same political “source” but become divided over the past fifteen years.

Gorran was founded in 2009 as a splinter from the PUK to oppose the duopoly of the PUK and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).
The two share a powerbase in Sulaimani and will run as a joint list in Iraq’s October elections.
Asasard told Voice of America (VOA) that the parties do not view a parliamentary system of government as a problem and added that it would be “very necessary” for the Kurdistan Region to have a constitution.
“The Region tried for a long time, but there were a number of issues that prevented [a constitution] from being passed. Now there may be an opportunity to pass it,” he said, noting that leaders from across the political spectrum were not opposed to drafting one.
“We emphasize it again that we want a civil and democratic constitution that meets the needs of the Kurdistan Region,” he said.
He further arguer that the best system would be the sort of parliamentary arrangement that exists in federal Iraq.
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