Mass graves found in Shingal
Mahma Khalil, the mayor of Shingal district, said on Monday, December 6, that five mass graves were found in the district’s Ain Fatih area.

"Ninety mass graves have been found [so far] in different areas,” Khalil told Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official media, adding the discovery of mass graves in the district is constantly increasing.

The graves included the bodies of Yazidis who were kidnapped and killed by the Islamic State (ISIS).

"The Iraqi government has taken a large number of bodies from mass graves in Baghdad for inspection and has not yet returned them,” Khalil said.

He stated the government in the Iraqi capital was scheduled to return 41 bodies this month.

About 5,000 Yazidi men were executed and 7,000 women and girls were taken prisoner by ISIS, according to a United Nations estimate.

The militant group took control of Sinjar in August 2014 and the area was fully regained by Kurdish forces and Yazidi militias in November 2015.

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