Iran invites Iraqi parliament speaker to visit Tehran
Iran has invited Iraqi parliament’s speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi to pay a visit to Tehran, the Iraqi official news agency INA reported last week.

Halbousi met with Amir Hussein Qazi, the assistant of Iran’s president Ibrahim Raisi, in Baghdad to discuss memorandum of understanding on “martyrs, victims and their families”, INA said, without giving more details.
The Iraqi parliament’s speaker received an “official invitation” from the Iranian side to visit Tehran, INA cited Halbousi’s office as saying.
Halbousi, for his part, approved the invitation which he promised to meet “as soon as possible”, INA reported.
Halbousi was re-elected as the speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in January. His reelection was opposed by the Iran-aligned Coordination Framework.
A new president and a prime minister have yet to be chosen as parties including Shias and Kurds have not reached any agreement over the issue.
Iraq normally enters months of political deadlock after each general election as the political elite jockey for spots in the new government. Iraqis are increasingly disillusioned with the political process, accusing almost all their politicians of corruption.
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