Alliance blames ongoing delays in forming Iraqi government
The Alliance For the People stated in a press conference on Tuesday, March 8, that the opposition bloc was against the continued delays in forming the Iraqi government.

The bloc said parliament must hold a session as soon as possible to discuss pending issues in the country and the public’s quality of life.

The Alliance For the People stated five months have passed since parliamentary elections were held in October 2021 and blamed the parties that came out ahead at the polls for the continued trouble with forming the government, as well as the increase in the cost of basic goods and services despite the current high price of oil.

According to NRT the opposition bloc noted the new government must be formed in order to send this year’s budget to parliament for approval.

The leading political parties have continued to lag in coming to an agreement over electing a new president, who will take the task of nominating a prime minister to form a new government in Iraq.

The UN Special Representative to Iraq, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, criticized delays in forming the government last month, stating a "program of action” must be a priority and stressed the need to address pressing issues, such as the security situation, the delivery of public services, and other major concerns.

The Iraqi Parliament voted to reopen nominations for presidential candidates on Saturday, following a decision from the Federal Supreme Court that previously blocked further candidates.

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