Iranian new ambassador presents credentials to Iraqi president
Iranian newly-appointed ambassador to Iraq Mohammad-Kazem Al Sadeq presented his credentials to Iraqi President Barham Salih on Tuesday, May 17.

During the meeting with meeting with the Iranian new ambassador, the Iraqi president underlined the need for enhancement of bilateral relations between the two countries, as well as regional and international cooperation in dealing with common threats such as terrorism and climate change.

The Iranian newly-appointed ambassador on Monday stressed the need for further enhancement of relations between Iran and Iraq in all areas.

Al Sadeq made the remarks during a meeting with the Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein where he presented a copy of his credentials to the Iraqi minister.

Referring to some concerns shared by the two countries, like the climate change and its consequences, the new minister said that dealing with such issues requires more dialogue and cooperation between Iran and Iraq and regionally.

The Iraqi foreign minister, for his part, said that Iraq also believes in further activating dialogue between the two countries for solving the shared challenges.

Hussein wished success for Al Sadeq during his tenure as Iran’s new ambassador to Iraq.

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